Thai dessert, Thai food.. anyone??

I love spicy, saltish (but not too salty), sweet stuff.  So of course, Thai food is one of my favorite.  These are some of the food that we ate and which I remembered to take a picture of. Maybe they don’t look as good in the pictures but I tell you, they are simply YUMMY!

OK, this is really my favorite dish - Rice with beef, basil leaves and chilli paddi! I am salivating at this very moment... how I miss Thai food...

Hot pot rice with spicy tender pork (85 Bhat) at Noodern (recommended by Aiwei. Its a must go!). Darn the dark picture, but the pork ribs are tender to the bones and even the rice is heavenly...

Chicken noodle soup from one of the food stall at Chatuchak market.. the chicken meat just melt in your mouth, you dun even need to use your hand.. the soup is so tasty that I wish for a second bowl and its like 40 bhat each! Al had all of my chicken feet because he simply loved them...I should have taken a picture of the empty bowl to show you how much he enjoyed the meal..

You can find sticky rice with coconut milk and of course mangoes from MANGO TANGO at Siam Square. Its a MUST try if you love mango and of cos sticky rice... Cant remember how much is it but its definitely less than 100 Bhat.

Ching Chao with brown sugar and crushed ice... SWEET!

Hot steaming corn with lots of butter, sugar and condensed milk.. one of my favorite which I only had 2 cups during the whole trip cos I can't find it anywhere else except at Siam Square and from the same stall... Cost 20 Bhat.


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