Monday got the blues

Woke up this morning feel horrible.  Body ached and had a bad bad dream. Dreamt about mahjong. My goodness, I think I am an addict.  I had to call office to take the morning off.   The day started late in the office.  I had mee hoon leftover from the morning and it tasted bad.  Then I poured the cafe 21 into a cup without realising that its half filled with water left over from Saturday.  Wonder if anything worse will happen for the rest of the day. It did.  We were supposed to have our ICPAS tennis competition at ITE Simei.  While we were in the midst of the first game, the lights went off and for the rest of the night.  It was a wasted trip and there were loads of work waiting for me in the office.  Hope tomorrow will be a better day.

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