Kinohimitsu J'pan D'Tox Juice

Kinohimitsu J'pan D'Tox Juice made up of 15 Blackberries, 28 Blueberries and 36 Plums

Bought this when I heard that Xiuhui feedback that this actually worked on her. So I gave it a try although its not cheap (Watson selling at $39.90 per box each with 6 little bottles).

Drink one bottle each time, preferably after food.
Consume 1 – 3 bottles per week or as needed.
For first time users, consume one bottle a day consecutively for 6 days.

In just 6 days, it reduces your toxic load, solves your motion problem, improves skin radiance and leaves you renew, refresh and revitalize (I only experienced the first 2, the latters will have to wait and see).

I am on my fifth day and I have been going to the loo everyday (which is unusual for me). Its definitely worth a try if you got problem going to the loo everyday like me.


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