Dentist trip

It is my third visit to the same dentist.  Usually, I will not go to the same dentist cos I can’t find one who is good!  But this dentist of mine is very gentle when he handles my teeth. Not like those who just want to do a quick job and get me out of the room.

After he did a quick check on my teeth, he told me in a very nice way that my teeth are stained and full of dirt and he will try to clean them up for me so that he can check for any decay. And after an hour of scaling and polishing, he finally stopped and told me that he found 2 decays on my upper wisdom teeth.

Damn, I need to schedule another appointment with Mr Gentle to fill up the holes…….  and I am already over the $100 dental claim. 

How often do you guys visit the dentist?


One thought on “Dentist trip

  1. annually. the dentists said generally my teeth are quite good, juz need to scale…. no wisdom tooth has grown out so far *touch wood*….

    i agree with u! i hate the drilling effect on my teeth… pain pain….sobb sobb….

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