when do u feel loved?

i felt loved 




  • I went home and found the bed nicely made with fresh bedsheets;
  • he waits for me while I jog (slowly);
  • he washes my dirty laundry;
  • he is sensitive towards me;
  • he buys me bagels from the Starbucks;
  • he encourages me;
  • he makes me a better person;
  • he lent me his shoulders when I cry;
  • he irons my shirts;
  • he allows me to buy my favorite kind of shoes [although i have tons of them (flats)];
  • he makes me feel pretty; 
  • he loves my family;
  • he loves me for the way I am and the list goes on and on…


So when do you feel loved??


2 thoughts on “when do u feel loved?

  1. When KJ not only puts the baby to bed, he also gets me a drink afterwards.

    When my mother remembers things that I need (but never get around to buying them) and buys them for me.

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