Chinese new year

Chinese New Year is just round the corner. This year, as compared to previous year is a lot more quiet. Its the economy’s fault. Who would have known that there will be a financial crisis after such a good year before this. I am considered lucky already. I don’t invest heavily in shares nor properties, just some frequent 4D and toto and weekly mahjong. So I am not so affected by the CRISIS except for THE CUT. haha.. 

Anyway, this year’s new year is quite boring except for the ‘tong xiao’ mahjong sessions at Lily’s place next tuesday; Weilun come back this weekend; new haircut I am going to have tomorrow; of cos hong baos from my parents; the new clothes I bought for the new year; and of cos giving out hong baos (like real)…

Hope you have a more exciting new year than me..


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