The Cut

Its here finally. The news had been announced. What economy downturn, global recession, retrenchment, shares drop, sales drop, delayed acquisition…. have finally impact us by a pay cut. An email was sent out the day before to inform everyone of the townhall meeting from 4-5pm. We are supposed to be there.

As I got something ‘urgent’ at work, Grace was ‘instructed’ to text me of any news. She did.

“Paycut 5% for seniors and AM; 7.5% for M and above; OT system abolished; bonus to be confirmed 5 months down the road”

How I am going to deal with this?

1. accept the fact;

2. dun work too hard(?);

3. KIV those new horizons that I was going to explore. Do it later or just shove it first;

4. inform all friends and family about the pay cut (if they are oblivious of the current news);

5. reduce hong bao money (but of cos it doesn’t apply to those close ones);

6. travel! with travel companies slashing the prices of flights, now is a great time for anyone thinking of booking a holiday;

7. sleep (wake me when it’s over);

8. no more online purchase (sorry Tellurus, until times are better otherwise, you have to come up with something that I can’t live without);

9. and the list goes on…..


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