I don’t remember how I landed myself on this website. But I am really happy that i did. Jasmin Lee, the designer and creator of this website impressed me with her collection of handcrafted jewelry (and also her blogs). I especially love this set of earring “Sherwood” (image 35 of 76) and have to get 1 each of the 14 goldfilled and sterling silver ones.

Alvin sms me today. Said I got a package from Jasmin; I wanted to rush home to see my purchase but I was at work.

I was in dilemma. Both earrings are sooooooo pretty as far as I am concerned. After much deliberated decision making and questions and answers session with Alvin, I finally decided on the sterling silver.

Sherwood (as what Jasmin named it)

Sherwood (as what Jasmin named it)



So you, yes you, my dear friend, you will have the 14k gold earring which was the one that caught my eyes initially. Jasmin also give her concensus that the gold and green combi is nicer.

Jasmin is now one of my friend on Facebook. A pretty one too.


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