The game

Mahjong as it’s sometimes known as is a traditional Chinese game that is suitable for all ages and comprises skill, strategy and calculation in order to defeat your opponents. The element of luck can play a major factor in this game which makes it a very addictive game that is often played for money. Mahjong games are so popular across the globe because there are so many different variations so everyone can find a relevant game to suit their style and you can guarantee that you will not get bored.

The overall aim of all of the Mahjong games is to comprise complete suits or sets with your 13 or 16 tiles depending on the variation you are playing. In total, there are around 12 different commonly played variations of the Mahjong game, there are many more that have been created to add different concepts of this game.

If you want to know more about mahjong, please visit this website or simply by paying tuition fees to your kaki.

I have been playing  Mahjong since 2005 and keeping tabs on how much my winnings/loss for these few years.  Last year, I bought a new mahjong set, a case and also a set of casino chips which cost me about $180?? with the net winnings from the past 4 years.

My first mahjong set
My first mahjong set

If you miss the casino chips, they are at my parents’.


Thank you kakis.


2 thoughts on “The game

  1. wah…. do u happen to be the long lost 賭賭賭賭后?? heehee… jkin.. anyway, toh toh,

    U R PRO!. 😛

    with the mahjong case and chips…

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