Early dinner

I woke up at 1330pm today after the looooong night yesterday. Drank a cuppa and ate 3 pieces of bread. I succeeded in waking Alvin up by laughing loudly (on purpose) while I watched Mr Bean’s Holiday. Haha. Lazed around and watched somemore TV programmes while Alvin played his stupid game. Finally at 5pm, when both of us were feeling hungry, we started to think of where to go for dinner.

At first, we thought of having some Japanese food at Holland Village or Upper Thomson. Then he suggested Sunset Way; so that we can have some home made ice cream. When we reached there, we saw a lot of nice restaurants. But we landed ourselves at the food court with a minced meat noodle and xiao wan mian and lots of chilli paddi. After the meal, we made our way to the ice cream shop; which we discovered shortly that its CLOSED for Christmas 😦 (The owner could be out eating ice cream himself)

A photo taken on our way to the CLOSED shop








In order to curb our desire for ice cream, we drove to Valley Point where we know there is another home made ice cream outlet. To our dismay, that shop is also CLOSED for Christmas! (Damn, the owners must be having a gathering somewhere eating ice cream). Argh! In the end, we settled with New York cheese cake, Iced Caffe Latte and something Frappachino from Star Bucks which manage to satisfy my sweet tooth.


2 thoughts on “Early dinner

  1. ICE3 (supposed to be the power of 3) at chomp chomp and thomson road also serve good ice cream!!! i went to the thomson road branch yesterday.. kekeke 😛 u shud go try 🙂

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