Christmas Day

We were at Lily’s place yesterday at 7pm. Nowadays, if we go to her place at the peak hours, we will have to spend some time to find a parking lot. The carpark is often full and the nearest place is a 10-15 minutes walk out to the HDB parking. Lily said that the carpark lots are already not enough for the residents. Some residents even own more than 1 car (they are one of the culprits). So yesterday being Christmas eve makes it even tougher to find a parking lot. Alvin waited for half an hour and in the end he has to park at the HDB carpark. Luckily, Fooster was there to share the same misfortune. 😛 Else he will C and S. Hahah.

We celebrated Christmas by having packet chicken/duck/char siew rice, 3 rounds of Mahjong, eating donuts, logcake and drinking sparkling wine, wooing and wowing at Wei’s party dress (6 ways of wearing it and how much the dress costs), watched the video of Wei and Zull’s wedding which draw a lots of laughters. The party finally ended at 4am and we managed to find our way to bed at 5am.

Merry Christmas everyone and a very good morning to you all 🙂


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