This week

This week is a short working week for me. It will be 2½ working days; being ½ day on Wednesday, Public Holiday on Thursday and took leave on Friday. I always love December, more so this year as it was off peak at work; many went on leave; birthdays; wedding celebrations.


Every year, since 3 years ago if I remembered correctly, each of us (Wet Wet, Chan Chan, Ah Boy and myself) will have a choice of what we want on our birthday plus a dinner treat!. I remembered the present I chose 2 years ago was a Coach bag which I am still using now. Last year was a digital camera, Panasonic Lumix. And this year, I was not able to make up my mind as I was choosing between 2 items that I like very much; a pair of shoe and an iphone. So I consulted a few friends; Sock Ling who advised me to get the iphone and the shoe. Haha, that was a good one; Alvin and Wet Wet thought that the iphone is better choice; Chan Chan said its up to me. Guess which one I chose in the end?  







 'Little' Red Shoe


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